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Where can I get the best Dinar Dirham and Islamic themed bullion on the Internet?

At, we are committed to bring you the best dinar dirham rounds from around the world!

What is it about the Silver Dirham and Gold Dinar that makes them special?

A deeper look into Islamic Finance may help you understand “Why” and reaffirms the “Why Not”.

Silver and Gold Explained

Why does silver and gold hold so much value even in Islam? Aren’t they part of Dunya? We tackle the value of silver and gold in Islamic Economics and their relevance in today’s economy of “limited resource”.

Dinar Dirham in Detail

What is a “dinar”? What is a “dirham”? How are they different from the standard modern troy ounce bullion which are more widely available? We make comparisons of the different weight unit used throughout the history of gold and silver money and how the dinar and dirham standards were derived.

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